Lighting Design

Creators of Space, Ambiance & Mood

BHA Lighting Design & Consulting offers top class lighting design services for clients and on commission from architects, electrical consulting engineers & interior designers. Our illumination engineers are specialists who understand the physics of light products and distribution, the physiology of light perception and the anatomy of the human eye. All lighting designs are fully compliant with the applicable South African & international standards & regulations.

Architectural Lighting Design for Interior & Exterior Spaces

Our lighting designers imagine, create, integrate, infuse and organize lighting into a coordinated system, including factoring for the fact and advantage of natural light, electrical light, or both, to serve and advance human action, well-being and for the good of flora & fauna. This includes general, decorative, task and emergency lighting for all applications.

Sports Field & Indoor Sports

We design lighting for sport using the latest high-efficiency LED sports lighting systems, providing a complete lighting solution for all types of indoor & outdoor sports whilst taking into account the lighting requirements from the smallest through to the most complex outdoor sports facility according to the various international sporting federations’ lighting standards.

Highway, Street & Pathway

For street lighting applications we use modern LED lighting solutions that are advancing rapidly and can deliver significant energy saving potentials. Increasing efficacy, optimized luminaire design and flexible lighting control enables enhanced performance at lower costs for different lighting and traffic conditions. All designs are in compliance with the following local & international standards; EN13201-1/5:2015, BS5489-1:2020 and SANS10098-1:2007


Illumination Guidance Counsellors

Additional consulting services are available to our clients on a fee basis.

  • Lighting energy audits, cost of ownership & ROI
  • Light/lux level measurement & verification
  • Lighting system troubleshooting
  • Investigation into light nuisance & obtrusive lighting
  • Lighting specification guidance for professionals

BHA School of Lighting offers Practical, Relevant & Contemporary Lighting courses designed for architects, electrical engineers, interior designers and lighting professionals.

A variety of courses are offered from the entry level Foundation Lighting Course through to the Advanced Diploma and Master Diploma in Illumination Engineering Courses. Other courses include Photometry, Lighting Economics, Relux Lighting Design Software courses and moreā€¦