BHA completes Lighting Design & Specification for Mac Brothers

BHA completes Lighting Design & Specification for Mac Brothers

About This Project

The Brief

Food service industry giant, Mac Brothers Catering Equipment, recently remodelled its manufacturing plant in Epping, Cape Town. The company designs and manufactures an extensive range of catering and refrigeration equipment and is considered the leader in innovative product design and service excellence for the South African food service industry. Mac Brothers counts restaurant giants such as Burger King amongst its clientele, but is perhaps best known for supplying the catering equipment used on popular TV shows Masterchef SA and Kokkedoor.

“For years we had a 10 000m² manufacturing plant on the spot where we manufacture catering products from scratch or import and assemble it. Our clients would visit us and observe the production process first hand, something they really enjoyed,” explains Derek McMahon, MD of Mac Brothers. “But the image of cooking is evolving and we realised that our approach to marketing our products also had to be realigned, so we took the decision to give our plant a face lift to include a dedicated showroom space.”

The make-over meant the installation of a dropped ceiling in the existing space and that called for a new lighting design. “We soon realised that more than the carpets, paint or furniture, the lighting is what will make the space ‘pop’. That is why we got in touch with Eurolux, who in turn partnered with Blair Hammond and Associates, to deliver a truly professional end result,” says McMahon.

The Design

Blair Hammond and Eurolux presented three designs to Mac Brothers, each featuring different technologies. The selected lighting design truly allowed the company to create the desired look and feel within the space, without exceeding their budget. The showroom is divided into an area that showcases the actual kitchen equipment, a working kitchen fitted with the Mac Brothers product line, sales desks as well as a coffee shop and lounge area, as well as a reception. Different lighting solutions had to be designed for each of the various showroom spaces.

The Sales Area

The Eurolux P3AL pendants with its brushed aluminium finish were selected for the sales area and were positioned just above each of the sales desks. The entire Mac Brother range feature a stainless steel or highly polished metal finish and the P3AL pendant extends this decorative theme throughout the sales area. “We selected the use of this pendant for the sales area as it provides sufficient targeted task lighting at desk level and it minimises glare, which in a highly reflective area is vital,” explains Daniel Hammond from Blair Hammond and Associates. “These were fitted with the maxi globe as it provides good light output and were in line with the specified budget of the project.”

Coffee Shop & Reception Area

The Eurolux P150AL pendants with adjustable cord suspension were selected for use in the coffee shop and reception area. These fittings feature the same brushed aluminium finish as those used in the sales area, but have a slightly different shape. “The fitting has a modern, minimalist feel to it, which compliments the look of the showroom, while creating a welcoming ambiance suited to a reception and coffee shop area,” says Hammond. These pendants are also fitted with a maxi globe, however due to the shape of the pendant the lamp is visible, adding a touch of drama to the space.

The Showroom

The Eurolux PR111 three light double parabolic Louvre fitting was selected for use in the main showroom area. The product is fitted with 3 x 28W T5 fluorescent lamps in order to provide the high light levels required in that area.

A ceiling grid was used and the fittings recessed into the suspended ceiling, as Mac Brothers did not want to have any light fittings surface mounted onto the 2.85 meter high ceiling. “The benefit of using this product at that specific mounting height is that it distributes its light evenly over the reference plane that needs to be illuminated,” explains Shaun Bouchier, director at Eurolux.

The rest of the showroom and working kitchen have Eurolux down lights installed to provide light for the general areas illumination is required.

Mac Brothers are delighted with the finished product says McMahon. “Epping is an industrial area and when you drive in here, you don’t expect to find a high end catering showroom. But when you walk through our doors you feel like you are being transported to a movie set, and that is mostly due to the lighting. It turns it into a magical space. Eurolux and Blair Hammond truly managed to create an upmarket space that enhances Mac Brothers’ image and improves our brand value.”


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