A Personal snippet of News

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A Personal snippet of News

I was recently invited to present a paper on Human Centric Lighting at the Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa (IESSA) annual congress in Cape Town over the period 15 to 17 May 2017. It was a very good congress with no less than twenty eight speakers/presenters, twelve being international speakers from various parts of the world. There were some incredibly interesting presentations.  I learnt a lot about the new LED test methodologies which included accelerated testing.

All delegates and attendees were provided with a speaker/presenter rating/evaluation form which had to be completed.  It was later collected by the organisors. On the final day, which I unfortunately could not attend due to work commitments, it was announced that there were to be awards for the best junior presenter and the best senior presenter. One of your fellow students, Retief Coetzer, was awarded the prize for best junior presenter.  He presented “Lighting Design for Smart Cities”.  Retief is a senior lighting designer at Beka-Schreder in Johannesburg.

And then then I was awarded the prize for the best senior presentation.  My prize was accepted on my behalf by my good firend and colleague, Patrick Stuckie.  When Patrick called me later that afternoon, I thought that Patrick was joking (as he often does) but then it became clear that he was serious. I was completely blown away by this unexpected news but at the same time I was humbled by the experience and to have been chosen from among some of the leading international experts in their respective fields.

The lesson that I have learnt is that one should never expect anything in return for the effort that one puts in.  If and when there may be some recognition or reward, it will be so much sweeter. My appreciation goes to IESSA for the recognition, but also for being able to attend what has been said by most delegates as the most successful congress ever!  Congratulations to the council and organisers.